Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Bonnets

Well, not exactly bonnets, more like decorative headbands!
The girls and I made these for their preschool easter party together.
I drew the pictures onto cardboard, had the girls paint them to their hearts desire and then cut out the

shapes with a band at the bottom to place on their heads.

Although the girls did a wonderful job of painting them, they did need a brighten and tidy up before we stapled the together... but they loved being involved and thats all that counts right????

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I accept that we had to have them

why do i find them all though???

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Off with the... birds.

After seeing a few bird mobiles around the place, i wanted my own.
What better way to recycle some old sticks and newspaper.

These little guys hang out under the pergola, and the best thing.....
they dont wake me up in the morning.

Time for the exterminator

Mad Margaret was finished last week... she stands at about 30cms and really thinks she is quite stylish.
I'm still not sure whether to keep her, or send her off to a new home.
For now she sits on the TV cabinet, staring at us all...

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

I finally finished Luna Nap... a while ago and i must admit I forgot to publish the results...
smack on the hand for me... but despite all of this it turned out beautifully and has gone to live with its new owner.

The great cover-up

I felt it was a bit ambitious when hubby said he was going to build a pergola across the back of the house... afterall, he had never attempted anything this big in his building forays before... and lets just say patience isnt a virtue he can hold onto for long.
But let me set this record straight... he did do it, and he did it well, and im awfully pleased with the results.

Don't mind us.....

now thats a comfy puppy

Nudge: 6 mths old 19KGs